a time to rest

Because of our career with Cru, we don”t really have normal summers–we don”t really have normal lives in general, for that matter.

By the way, what is normal?

To prove my point, here”s a rundown of what my summers have been like for the past ten years or so:

2003 Got married, went to staff conference in Colorado*2004 Moved cities*2005 Had a baby, worked on staff conference team then attended conference in Colorado*2006 worked the Lake Tahoe summer project, got home and moved houses*2007 for six weeks attended classes and staff conference in Colorado*2008 worked the Lake Tahoe summer project (with a new baby)*2009 for six weeks attended classes and staff conference in Colorado*2010 moved cities*2011 moved houses (with a new baby)…

…which brings us here to summer 2012. Do you know what MrGreen on EU- kasino joten voitot saa puhtaana kateen. I”ve done this summer? Taken the kids to swimming lessons, watched things grow in my garden, eaten froyo, gone on dates and watched the Olympics. I keep meandering through my days wondering why I feel so relaxed. Why don”t I want to go anywhere or put the kids into any camps or really do much of anything? Because this is a summer of rest.

God must have known I needed it.

Next year, we will probably staff a summer project and then attend our staff conference in Colorado, because that”s what we do! It”s an adventure; we drive through several beautiful National Parks on our way home and the kids love it.

But not this summer. This summer is a pause, a hiccup, a dream within a dream, a string of lazy days where I stare at my kids and memorize their joyous faces.

-Jesus said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest awhile”. (Mark 6:31)

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