go big or go home

Last night the neighborhood kids made us dinner. That deserves its own blog post; I realized mid-meal that I thrifted my entire outfit, so DarrenĀ snapped this photo (with the fire pit in the background).

Shoes-Old Navy via Value Village $5 (wedges! I always invest in wedges. Wedges make balacing a breeze)

Bangle-Value village $1 (funny story: I lost an identical bangle–also thrifted–two years ago in another city, and found it again at Value Village)

Belt-can’t remember.

And now, the dress. I’ve been meaning to tell you about it. I found it at the Goodwill Outlet a few months ago, so it probably cost about 50 cents. Darling, well made, comfortable, has pockets, and one can always justify picking up an extra LBD, no?

The clincher with this one is that it is size XL. I don’t wear an XL, but since I know my hourglass body type always looks best in something belted, I grabbed this dress anyway and wear it with a belt.

And now for the moral of the blog post: Don’t be afraid to thrift something three sizes too large for you. Especially if you like yourself in belts!

I know nothing about statistics, but I think I just expanded your shopping options by about 100%.




One Response to “go big or go home”

  1. Amanda
    July 17, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Bahahaha love everything about this, including the cheeky title ;-)