the lazy tutor

And now for another edition of “the lazy tutorial”, aka “I don’t have time to document how I do these things; I’ll just show the before & after to inspire you”.

Today I”m here to inspire you to update some of your denim.

I recently turned some favorite old Gap flare jeans…

one leg down, one to go


into skinnies:

ooh-la-la, and new Target flats to boot!

You can do this, too! Google “turn flares into skinnies”, or, here’s what I did in a nutshell:

1. lay a pair of your favorite skinnies over a pair of your favorite flares (both should be inside-out).

2. trace the outline of the skinnies onto the flares with a fat sharpie (the jeans are inside out at this point, so don’t panic if you screw up).

3. sew on the line you traced.

4. done!

*you abosolutely may not cut off the extra fabric until you are certain you have sewn them correctly! You can’t sew fabric back on, but you can rip seams out and try again.

**if you are altering stretchy jeans, use stretchy skinnies as your guide; non-stretchy, use non-stretchy as your guide. Just trust me.

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