In ministry, one thing we always try to remember is that if we want to reach college students (or any people group, for that matter), we need to meet them where they are.

So where are college students these days? Hanging out together in the ice-cream shop (or the bar) down the street?

No. They’re on Facebook.

Students from all over the world submit questions to this Cru website, which sends them over to a Facebook page. Since I’m often at home momming it with the kids, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to interact with many of these students online. The questions pour in from all over the globe; the students I’ve chatted with hail from places like The Phillipines, India, Nigeria, the U.S. and many other countries.

Most writing in have legitimate questions, others just want a sounding board & still others write in to encourage those of us answering questions. What they all have in common is that–like every one of us–they are all on a spiritual journey…and God loves and knows each and every one of them.

Here are some of the inquiries I’ve seen:

God is fake!

and also:

How do we know when God is calling us to do something?

or my personal favorite:

After acepting Jesus as our personel savior what more should we do ?

What a privilege to come alongside others in their spiritual journey and point them towards Christ.


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