giving up on good

Wes enjoyed one year of preschool when he was four. We lived in a small town and my friend taught a small class at a church nearby. And it was incredibly inexpensive. He was our first child, and that”s what you do, right? You put your three or four-year-old–or even your toddler–in preschool!

Natasha will not be attending preschool. She will turn five next February and go to half-day Kindergarten the following Fall. For now, I”m just letting her play at home and be four. She is an independent player and entertains herself in dramatic fashion all morning, running all over our back and front yards even in the Oregon drizzle.

But is she socialized? Our kids can”t help but get lots of valuable community time via Sunday School, Awana, our community group, the kids in our neighborhood, our career in full-time ministry, their cousins, etc.

But is she learning her letters and numbers? I (sort of) work through a preschool book with her which focuses on numbers and letters, but we mostly just live life together. Letters and numbers just sneak up on kids exactly when they are supposed to.

I didn”t go to preschool, and as you can tell, I”m pretty much a genius, so there”s that.

It”s good that there are preschools and people sending their children there, but for me it symbolizes driving across town twice a morning three days a week as well as hundreds of dollars a month that I would like to use elsewhere. And I look forward to having Natasha home with me and Locke for one more year. She”s my only girl and I treasure these years with her.

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6 Responses to “giving up on good”

  1. Shannon
    June 7, 2012 at 8:50 am #

    Love this post, especially when you ask, “Is she socialized?” When did that start to matter, or even be a concern? Sometimes I think we set impossible standards for ourselves and our children with formal structure, all the while forgetting how much playing we learned playing in the woods as kids.

    Sounds like you are doing right by your family.

    samanthaholland Reply:

    I totally agree about “playing” be important. My first grader laments how much time his school day takes away from “playing”; I’m trying to preserve his playtime by refraining from too many sports & activities.

  2. eileen marie
    June 8, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    CUTE kid. I didn’t go to preschool, but my sister went for 2 (3?) years b/c she was driving my 40-something mom (My ma had her when she was 44) up a wall! When we are blessed with children, I still might send them b/c I believe in the socialization aspect, which you obv. have covered. Also, as a teacher, I worry about “feeding my kids to the wolves” (Will (s)he be as prepared as the other kids who do go?)

    samanthaholland Reply:

    Ha ha ha, yes, and I reserve the right to change my mind to send my third–and last–child to preschool when he is of age! It will be interesting to see if she is not “as prepared” as the preschooled children when she enters kinder. I was home-schooled until my mom put me in public school in fourth grade. It turned out OK!

  3. lauren
    June 8, 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    this is a great post! i love how you say “we mostly just live life together”. isn’t that one of our greatest ways of teaching as mothers– to teach our smalls how to do life and to walk side by side through it?

    samanthaholland Reply:

    yes, I do think that is the greatest way of teaching as mothers!! Life on life.