gift idea: custom luggage tag

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow. What do you get for the woman who has everything?

I don’t mean everything like a Mazerati and a private island everything, but she definitely has everything I can afford.

Since Mom is treating me and my sisters to a little Euro getaway this Fall, I decided she needed a custom luggage tag:

total novelty btw...she only travels with a carry-on

I’m sorry to be so lame about tutorials (read: I don’t take photos while I’m doing it or describe how to do it), but why reinvent the wheel? There are lots of tutorials out there. I just wanted to inspire you! Here’s the gist of what I did:

1. Find/print an image.

2. Print ¬†out recipient’s name & email (& phone # if you like).

3. Cut out and mount on card stock.

4. Laminate entire thing.

5. Punch a hole and string a ribbon through, making sure to leave the ribbon long enough to loop the tag through when affixing onto luggage.

I think I need one of these, too…

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