recipe: easy chicken yakisoba

Do you grocery shop at Costco? What do you love to buy there? Sometimes when I go into Costco or Trader Joe’s, I get a bit overwhelmed and I wonder what do my friends buy here?

At Costco, I always pick up these noodles–do you? My mother-in-law kindly introduced me to them. There are two packages in each box.

Add your yakisoba noodles & a little of this:

…and there you have an easy, healthy (meaning it includes vegetables), one-pan dinner most everyone will love! Do you make this at your house, too? Share with me your easy, go-to dinner!

One Response to “recipe: easy chicken yakisoba”

  1. Meghann
    January 31, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

    we heart this sauce too : )