using what I have on hand

…is how my mom taught me to do most everything in life.

Plan a party.
We had houseguests this past weekend (the Knights, to be exact), and I wanted to make cookies in a hurry. Once again, I had no time to run to the store for ingredients, so I hunted around in my cookbook and realized I could easily whip up an old standby, Snickerdoodles!
They are now my official go-to cookie. Most everyone likes them, and I usually have all the ingredients in my kitchen. 

So of course I reached for my Kitchenaid and quickly realized the bowl was not where it should have been. I scoured my entire kitchen and blamed D under my breath, until I finally remembered it was in the fridge full of icing.

Hmm. What to do with all that pink cream-cheese icing? Not to mention the leftover chocolate icing.
And that’s how these graham cookies* were born. I made a whole bunch of them, froze them individually on a cookie sheet and then froze them in a gallon ziploc. I quite simply put icing between two graham cracker quarters.
I now use them frequently to bribe my kids to eat veggies! Because I’m that mom.
I should probably just name this blog “I’m that mom.”
*50 calories each

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